Cross Platform App Development

Cross Platform App Development

Cross Platform Apps features Cost effective, Easy to deploy, Developer–Friendly, Simple Testing and Quick to launch.

Why Hybrid?

Because hiring developers who are specialized in each platform, building apps for each, then maintaining and updating those separate versions can be complex, expensive and time consuming. That’s where hybrid and cross-platform apps come in. These apps are able run on more than just one platform at a time, without developers having to create separate versions of app code.

Using a cross-platform software solution also makes deploying and releasing updated versions of your app easier. Features like extended plugins and dashboards to monitor your app’s analytics keep operations under one roof, making life easier for you and your developers.

Cross-platform app technology we use: Cordova

  • Cordova - distributed by Apache
  • Feature-packed tool to build cross-platform native apps
  • Quickly develop highly functional apps
  • Used with frameworks like jQuery Mobile or Ionic

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