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iPhone Application Development

The iPhone development team at Weinsoft Labs takes a shot at Mac OS X systems and Xcode IDE to make the applications and then performs testing on the iPhone to make sure that they run consistently without compromising on the quality and performance. Our iPhone programming and development services are delivered after providing you with the demo version of the desired application. We outline an architecture that best supports your requirements, develop highly ingenious applications and deliver services after ensuring your satisfaction.

Ranging from social networking applications to geographic location applications, communication and messaging applications to gaming and optimized websites, our iPhone developers are adapted with all typical and advanced web applications and interactive technologies which can be easily deployed and run on this mobile platform. The focal point in developing all applications is to let you enjoy refreshingly simple and fast user interface that never runs down under any environment.

Our Services:

We believe that the true measure of success for a company is the results they’re able to achieve for clients. Our design and development process is innovative, forward thinking and capable of delivering at time.

It’s all about the users – your targeted audience. In order to be successful, you have to offer them what they want. You need excellent functionality packaged in a polished, seamless & a bug-free app that offers intuitive operation and stability. That’s where we excel.

Our design and development process starts systematically with a sit-down discussion with you. We go in-depth in determining even the mission & vision of your company, what you hope to achieve and what kind of users you’re trying to reach.

  • Discussing the App idea with you to evaluate the concept.
  • Refining the idea to make it more lucrative for you.
  • Creating final requirements document.
  • Finalizing the milestones.
  • Choosing the right style of design for the app.
  • Creating initial draft for the app design.
  • Finalizing app design.
  • Creating all the app assets (app objects, background, animations).
  • Coding of the basic app mechanics.
  • First draft delivery of the app which includes basic app play and arts.
  • Working further on app based upon the feedback.
  • Level Design and UI elements creation.
  • Integration of all the elements.
  • QA and Testing.
  • Final submission to App Store.

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